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Luumäki is a homelike municipality with about 4,500 inhabitants. Beautiful and clean nature, clear waters, people-to-people services and long history make Luumäki a place worth visiting. It is easy to get to Luumäki, as it is located close to Helsinki, halfway between Kouvola and Lappeenranta. Hamina and Kotka are also nearby.

Photo © Lauri Lajunen


The clear-water Kivijärvi and other numerous waters are an essential part of the Luumäki landscape. In addition to their beauty, they create opportunities for water sports, fishing and a summer swimming trip, for example. In winter, they create great opportunities for skiing, ice fishing or even ice swimming.

Itsenäisyydentie and history

Itsenäisyydentie road in Luumäki introduces various attractions and presents local and Finnish history. The alignment of the road, built centuries ago, reflects the changing rulers, the difficult early years of Finnish independence and the events of the most recent wars. The most significant destinations on the Itsenäisyydentie road are Kotkaniemi, Salpa Line, and Taavetti fortress.

Photo © Lauri Lajunen


One of the most significant attractions is Kotkaniemi, the home of President P.E. Svinhufvud and his wife, Ellen Svinhufvud. Built in the late 1800s, the Art Nouveau -style mansion has been renovated and is open to visitors. The mansion introduces the life of Mr. and Mrs. Svinhufvud and the history of Finnish independence.


Luumäki is known for its vibrant villages. For example, in the westernmost village of Luumäki, Kannuskoski, beautiful nature and a man-made cultural environment face each other. One of the attractions is the passing Väliväylä waterway along which the village is built. Previously, logs were floated on the Väliväylä from the lakes to the Kymijoki River, but nowadays it is known as a beautiful canoeing route.

Photo © Lauri Lajunen


In Luumäki you can get close to clean and diverse nature. Nature tourism destinations worth visiting are for example the Huopaisenvirta outdoor trail, the Tolpankangas nature trail, the Salpa line with its bunkers and caves, and the Pärsäniemi outdoor area.

Photo © Lauri Lajunen