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Educational travel

According to many studies, Finland’s education system is ranked as one of the best in the world. Equality is the basic principle. Finnish pupils do not pay for their education or daily lunch. Also higher education students enjoy state subsidized meals and free education.

Teachers in Finland are highly educated and most of them hold a Master’s degree. They practice continuing education themselves and have pedagogical autonomy in their teaching practices. The profession is highly pursued and respected in Finland. Life-long learning is one key factor in Finland’s success. Special needs support is in the curriculum. Quality of education is based on steering, support and funding. (Ministry of Education and Culture 2017).

Finland is not only the happiest and safest country in the World but also the most literate nation. Finnish people are the heaviest coffee drinkers in the world and owns a title of being the capital of heavy metal music. (Statistics Finland 2019) Lemi, small town near Lappeenranta, is the Capital of Metal in Finland.

This manual is inspired by Educational manual published by Visit Finland. The aim is to help you plan educational visits in southeastern Finland. You can find products related to educational products as well as activities and accommodation possibilities.

Welcome to Lappeenranta – Imatra region!