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Lappeenranta is a modern tourist city where you will find many experiences and charming places to visit all year round.

The Harbour of Lappeenranta, which also has the longest beach boulevard in Finland, is a whole family destination. Activities, events, and the archipelago of Saimaa offer many things to do for all ages.

The fascinating Fortress and its museums, shops, cafés, and summer theatre invite you to enjoy this Karelian city. There is a nature and cultural trail around the Fortress that introduces you to the building and cultural history of the Fortress and its surrounding area. 

Hundreds of different events are held in Lappeenranta every year, and festivals, concerts, sport and street events spread from the heart of the city to the shores of Lake Saimaa.
The charming Harbour area and Myllysaari offer numerous events, activities, and refreshment for the whole family. You can take a dip in the refreshing waters of Myllysaari Beach or relax on Halkosaari point.
Every trip to Saimaa must include a sauna. The traditional Myllysaari lakeside sauna can be found nearby the Harbour. You can also take part in combination trips that include canoeing or cycling together with a floating sauna if you wish to have a more exotic experience.

In the Harbour, you can also find the biggest Sandcastle in Finland that has been fascinating tourists since 2004. An equipment rental is also working in the vicinity of the Sandcastle and you can rent yourself a canoe, rowing boat, or an electric bike.

In the summer, the Harbour Square offers local specialities, such as vety and atomi meat pies that you can feast on while enjoying live music and admiring the views of Lake Saimaa. From The Harbour you can go on a landscape cruise around the archipelago and Saimaa Canal. 

The most beautiful golf course in Finland is located on the island of Tuosa and the biggest spa of the Nordic countries, Holiday Club Saimaa, locates on the lakeside of Saimaa in Rauha.

In the Ylämaa Gem Village, you can watch how spectrolite is cut into jewellery. There are many things to see and do for the whole family.

Lappeenranta and the South Karelian region offer many different types of routes for all kinds of adventurers. There are also approximately 1,500 geocaches in the South Karelian area.

Explore the Saimaa UNESCO Global Geopark. Lake Saimaa is the treasure of Eastern Finland and it is known for its beautiful scenery, pure nature, exquisite cities, and charming villages. Saimaa has unique geological, archaeological, and culture-historical sights that are expecting visitors.

The beautiful Rantaraitti lakeside route traces the shores of Lake Saimaa and is within easy reach of the Lappeenranta city centre. You can access the 14.8 km route from various points, and the route takes occasional detours away from the shoreline.

Welcome to Lappeenranta!