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What to do Hiking and nature Hiker and camper etiquette

Hiker and camper etiquette

Finland offers gorgeous scenery, clean shores and varying trails for outdoor recreation. You can enjoy the natural environment rather freely in Finland. At the best places, there are rest spots and campfire sites designated for visitors.

General instructions behaving in nature

  • Do not disturb wild animals and plants; for example, do not beach on the bird islets.

  • Do not disturb other visitors. Let other people enjoy the peace and quiet of nature too.

  • Always clear away your own rubbish and do not leave other items on the terrain either.

  • Take care of the structures at the destination and protect nature on your part.

  • Do not make noise when hiking or boating. Do not play the radio in nature.

  • You may spend 1-2 days in a tent or on a boat at a constructed recreational spot or in its immediate vicinity.

  • You are not allowed to put any liquid waste or rubbish into the natural waters.

  • At the outdoor recreation destinations and campfire sites, it is customary that visitors make room for newcomers or depart when they have finished their packed meal. Telling stories around the campfire is Finnish wilderness tradition at its best!

A campfire is essential for the atmosphere

At the destinations, lighting a campfire is only allowed at the designated campfire sites. At the campfire site visitors can take some wood and chop it for making a campfire. Take only the amount of firewood that you need. Outside the official recreation areas, you will need the landowner’s permission for lighting a campfire. If you light a campfire, also make sure you extinguish it. Always be careful when handling fire, particularly when the terrain is dry!

Litter-free hiking

Responsible visitors manage their waste in an environmentally friendly way.

  • Combustible waste such as paper and plastic that is suitable for burning can be burned on a campfire.

  • Food waste and fruit peels can be taken to the composting toilet.

  • Take all other waste with you and put it in a managed collection bin.

When on such an excursion, always carry out what you carry in!

The treasure trove of nature

  • In Finland, everyone is allowed to pick forest berries and mushrooms.

  • Hunting and fishing are restricted activities for which an official permit is required. Only angling and ice fishing at lakes are allowed without a permit, though even these activities are prohibited on flowing waters.

  • Damaging trees, shrubs or other plants is prohibited.

On your berry and mushroom picking excursions and fishing trips, keep at such a distance from the yards of private houses and cottages that the residents do not feel disturbed.

General safety instructions

In an emergency, dial 112. Inform the operator of your location and what has happened, and listen to their instructions.