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Winter activities in Saimaa, Lappeenranta and Imatra

The Saimaa area does not quieten down for winter. As nature gets dressed up in its winter gear, the curtain of Saimaa pulls back to unveil completely new opportunities. When it gets freezing, you can go skating on the lake; but there is no need to forget about tricking the fish. As rowing boats rest for the winter, skates and skis are fetched from summer storages.

The versatile skiing routes in the Saimaa area are well marked and make cross-country skiing a relaxing and down-to-earth method of exercise, suitable for all ages. The Imatra Spa features a first-snow track as its speciality, completed with snow from the previous winter season. It offers visitors an opportunity to go skiing every November, whatever the weather.

Another great way to experience Lake Saimaa is going to a relaxing ice-fishing trip. This and many other activities are available at the Saimaa Adventures weekly programs, which you should pay close attention to when planning a trip to South-Karelia.

You can test your skills on the area’s downhill slopes that offer tighter curves than those on the cross-country tracks. Travellers with nerves of steel can enjoy the chill of winter by jumping through a hole made in the ice. There is a straight, covered path to a hole in the ice from the public swimming pools in Imatra, ensuring that the heat of the sauna is not too far away. Heat is also in store in the home arena of Lappeenranta’s ice hockey team Saipa, as the crowds cheer their team on.

lappeenrannan jäähalli
Lappeenranta ice stadium and ice rink
Ice stadium located 2.5 km from the city centre
Ukonniemi Arena
The biggest indoor hall of South-East Finland
Tuplakasi Action
Adventure services on Lake Saimaa and Vuoksi river
Pilkkiretket ja -tarvikkeet – Tuplakasi
Ice fishing trips and equipment – Tuplakasi-Action
Embark on a guided ice fishing trip to Saimaa
Dog Sledding at Lake Saimaa
Taiga Activities
Dog Sledding Safari in Imatra
ralliautoilu saimaalla
Rally with Tuplakasi – Tuplakasi-Action
Experience the charms of speed
kuplafutis saimaalla
Zorbing – Tuplakasi-Action
Fun for all age groups
keilaus imatralla
Imatran Kylpylä Spa Resort Bowling Alley
Fun for the whole family
savitaipaleen liikuntatalo
Savitaipale sports hall
Large 715 m² sports hall
savitaipale areena
Savitaipale ice hockey hall
Play curling in Savitaipale ice hockey hall
keilaus lappeenrannassa
Holiday Club Saimaa BowlCircus
Bowling entertainment centre
Karhumäki Pumptrack
Pumptrack available free of charge all year-round
Savitaipaleen lumilautailu ja new school -rinne
Savitaipale snowboarding and New School slope
Snowboarding and new school skiing
imatran uimahalli
Imatra sports hall
Diverse sport facilities
savitaipaleen hiihtoladut
Savitaipale cross-country ski
Versatile ski trails for enthusiasts of all levels
Drysuit floating on the Vuoksi river
Dry-suit floating on the Vuoksi river
Experience dry-suit floating in Vuoksi, Imatra
hiihtoloma saimaalla
Lappeenranta skiing tracks
Find out all the skiing tracks in Lappeenranta
Lumikenkäily Suomessa
Snowshoes – Tuplakasi-Action
Rent snowshoes and explore the forests on the shores of Lake Saimaa
Winter activities in Lappeenranta
White Flower
Unique wellbeing services
luistelu saimaalla
Ice skating rinks in the Lappeenranta region
Check out Lappeenranta's ice skating rinks
Sumo wrestling – Tuplakasi-Action
Try out the traditional Japanese sport
Dry-suite floating in Imatra
Dry-suit floating – Tuplakasi-Action
Year-round activity for everyone
liikunta imatralla
Imatra skiing tracks
Find out all the skiing tracks in Imatra
Joutseno sports hall
Big universal sports hall space
Winter holiday by Lake Saimaa, Lappeenranta and Imatra region
Winter activities on Lake Saimaa
Winter activities on Lake Saimaa, Lappeenranta and Imatra region
Fatbiking – Tuplakasi-Action
Rent a fatbike or participate in a guided fatbiking tour
imatran jäähalli
Imatra Spa Arena
Ice rink located near the Imatran Kylpylä Spa Resort
imatran ensilumenlatu
Imatra first snow ski track
Ski on real snow from 15 October onwards!
Winter vacation in Lappeenranta and Imatra region
Skiing centre FreeSki
Skiing center in Ruokolahti
uk areena
UK Arena
Ice sports arena close to the centre of Lappeenranta
tekemistä lappeenrannassa
Angry Birds Activity Park
Indoor activity park for the whole family