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Restaurants in the Lappeenranta and Imatra area

South Karelia has always been a region of hearty meals, so the traditions of the Saimaa cuisine have stewed and simmered thoroughly and for a long period, with several decades and generations of expertise. You should definitely taste the delicacies of the local cuisine, rich with tradition, but you can also swap the local fish, Karelian stew and meat aspic for the flavours of international cuisine. Delicious gastronomic alternatives are served not only in the towns of Imatra and Lappeenranta, but elsewhere in the region as well. The spa hotels in the Saimaa area also pamper their guests with high quality restaurants.

Food and culture along Via Karelia route

Via Karelia aka The Road of Poem and Border is an official tourism route, and it runs from the Gulf of Finland to Salla following the eastern border for 1,080 km. The route is marked with brown-based signs and RR symbols, and it invites travelers to get acquainted with a wide range of local culture, border history and diverse nature. We picked up few companies, whose services emerge rich in cultural creativity, unique culinary experiences and local delicacies and Karelian hospitality.

Wolkoff Restaurant, Wine & Beer Cellar
Quality food, drink & a welcoming environment
Restaurant Nuotta Lappeenranta and Imatra
Slavic-Scandinavian fish-inspired á la carte menu - with a light maritime touch.
Restaurant Sumu in Lappeenranta
Restaurant Sumu
Surprising dining with a dash of mystery
Restaurant in Lappeenranta and Imatra region
Restaurant Säräpirtti
Enjoy the traditional lamb dish Särä
ruokaravintola imatra
Angus Steak & Wine
Perfect for dining and get-togethers
ravintolat saimaalla
The Kitchen
Easygoing and soulful restaurant
In a cafe
Stopping places along the way
There are also several restaurants in South Karelia to stop at along the way.
Amarillo lappeenranta
Amarillo, Lappeenranta
What the working week sets apart, Amarillo brings together!
ravintolat vuoksella
Wanha Virveli
Café/restaurant located by the River Vuoksi
Holiday in Finnland, Lake Saimaa region
Olkkolan Hovi
Experiences and services in the middle of nature in Savitaipale
Restaurant Hirsiranta in Ruokolahti
Restaurant Hirsiranta
Enjoy delicacies in a beautiful landscape
Restaurant in Lappeenranta
Restaurant Como
Italian-style restaurant
holiday club Saimaa ravintolat
Classic Pizza, Holiday Club Saimaa
Finnish gourmet pizza restaurant
Restaurant Sula Imatra
Restaurant Sula Imatra
Good food and fizzy drinks.
Kehruuhuone Café & Restaurant
Modern Karelian café & restaurant
taipalsaari käyntikohteet
Taipalsaaren Wanha Kunnantupa
Recently renovated old historical building in Taipalsaari
reastaurants in Lappeenranta, Finland
Tuju Taproom
The restaurant serves Napoli-style sourdough pizza
rosso Imatra
Rosso Imatra
Restaurant inspired by the flavours of Italian cuisine
Hotel accommodation in Lake Saimaa
Authentic local food along your journey
hotelli salpa
Hotel Salpa
Hotel located by clear water Lake Kivijärvi in Luumäki
ravintolat lappeenranta
Easy Kitchen, Holiday Club Saimaa
Buffet restaurant
kesäterassi lappeenrannassa
Ship Restaurant Prinsessa Armaada
Popular meeting place located in Lappeenranta Harbour
ruokapaikat lappeenranta
VENN Lappeenranta
Wine and friends
nähtävyydet lappeenrannassa ja imatralla
Iloisen Pässin Maalaispuoti
Genuine local food along the way
kylpylä ravintola imatra
Restaurant à la carte Kastanja (Imatran Kylpylä Spa Resort)
Guaranteed to fulfill the expectations of even the most demanding gourmet
salaatti ravintola pistaasi
Restaurant Pistaasi (Imatran Kylpylä Spa Resort)
All-you-can-eat buffet available daily
O'learys Saimaa
O’Learys, Holiday Club Saimaa
Boston-style sports bar
Rosso IsoKristiina
Finland's own Italian restaurant
sushibuffet Imatra ja lappeenranta
Tang Capital
Modern Asian restaurant