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Imatra is a special and intriguing place. This Karelian town draws attention with its many events and sights and is a secret holiday destination for kings, presidents, and rock stars alike.

The Imatrankoski Rapids is the oldest tourist attraction in Finland and the 6,000-year-old Rapids has been one of the most significant sights in Europe already since the 1700s. The Empress of Russia and the Emperor of Brazil are a few examples of the people who have admired the powerful Imatrankoski Rapids as well.

The very first nature reserve in Finland is located next to the Imatrankoski Rapids. Formed in 1842, in Kruununpuisto Park you can find giant's kettles, rock carvings, and other historical elements.

Finland is a country with thousands of lakes and Saimaa is the greatest one. Saimaa offers unique geological, archaeological, and culture-historical sights and unforgettable experiences. In Imatra, you can sail to the best harbours of Saimaa and discover many delicacies and activities.

The Ukonniemi area in Imatra offers perfect surroundings for an active traveller. A holiday paradise on the shores of Lake Saimaa is one of the most beautiful tourist regions where you can do many different types of sports that make your holiday diverse for all ages.

Imatra is Southern Finland's most diverse cross-country skiing centre and the first snow ski track opens already in October. In summer you have access to a roller ski track that is titled as the best in Finland and fulfills the international competition standards. In winter the track is the longest first snow ski track in Southern Finland.

Take your time and relax in the pools of spas. There are two spa hotels just within 6 km from the centre of Imatra that are suitable for the whole family. Accommodation can be found in holiday apartments and hotel rooms.

The unique River Vuoksi runs through Imatra and it offers excellent opportunities for fishing throughout the year. You can even put on a dry suit and try floating in the gentle flow of the river.

Imatranajo, the International Road Racing Championship, is the only motorcycle road race arranged in Finland. In this impressive event, you can follow the race from a close distance and watch the motorcyclists race with a speed over 300 km/h.

Imatra's theatres, cultural centre and international theatre festival offer memorable stage experiences. In Imatra you can also enjoy big band music, museums, exhibitions and many unique events. There is something for everyone with an interesting range of cultural events and activities

Come and experience the power of Imatra!