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The municipality of Parikkala is located in the north-eastern part of the Province of Southern Finland and is part of the South Karelia region. Parikkala is known for its beautiful nature and the Karelian way of doing things.

Finland's most famous ITE artist's life's work can be found in Parikkala, along the 6 road. This magnificent work, which has been internationally recognised as one of the world's most frightening sites, is the result of more than 50 years of artistic work by Veijo Rönkkösi (1944-2010). The Parikkala Sculpture Park is Veijo Rönkkösi's masterpiece, showcasing more than 50 years of his work, with 560 multi-faceted statues lining the 6 road in Parikkala.

Parikkala's lush forests, clear lakes and small landscapes shaped by the ice ages provide a wonderful setting for hiking.  Parikkala has 80 km of hiking trails and nature paths. Hiking trails are equipped with a hut or a shelter for resting. Along the trails, nature takes on many different forms; ridges, deep fir trees, forest ponds, quiet sandy paths and lush bird coves dot your path in Parikkala. The waterways allow for canoeing, fishing and boating. In winter, there is a network of cross-country ski trails suitable for all levels of enthusiasts.

Siikalahti in Parikkala is an internationally valuable bird lake and the most famous hiking destination. Nearly 300 species of birds have been recorded in the Parikkala area over the years, making it one of the most species-rich bird areas in Inner Finland. 

Good birding destinations for many days

The Parikkala birding area Lintuinmaa is best known for Siikalahti, which is the number one bird lake in Finland in terms of conservation value. In addition to Siikalahti, there are many other birdwatching sites worth visiting in the area. The nature of the bird country is very varied and diverse. In addition to lush nightingale meadows, bird lakes and rural landscapes, the area is home to old-growth forests of the Salpausselkä, which are inhabited by species such as moon jellies and primroses.

In Parikkala, you can also find Iloisen Pässin Farm Shop. It's a restaurant and café specialising in local food, known for its tasty bison burgers, located along Kuutostie in Parikkala. In the atmospheric premises set up in an old village shop, you are guaranteed to enjoy high-quality Finnish food, with all the ingredients sourced as close to home as possible.