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Black and White Theatre

The secrets of Lake SaimaaThe secrets of Lake Saimaa

The Black and White Theatre produces modern, versatile, experimental and bold theatre, and the theatre’s own productions have been performed widely around the world.

In Imatra, we organise the annual international Black and White Theatre Festival. The soul and “primus motor” of the theatre is film and theatre director Kamran Shahmardan, who moved from Azerbaijan to the small town in the early 2000s, and whose temperamental artistic nature has managed to adapt to the slightly cooler Nordic atmosphere here in Finland.

During the festivals, we have been able to experience the most curious theatre trends in Imatra – absurd puppet plays, circus, acrobatics, contemporary dance theatre, musical street theatre, traditional drama, high-quality modern opera and skilful ballet.

High-quality international theatre can be booked through us.

LiekinKieli, formed by a local artist couple from Imatra, invites its viewers to interpret the story of fire. Accompanied by self-composed songs, the choreographies combine into a single whole in the form of poi and staffs.

The duo formed in 2016, when a budding poi enthusiast met an old hand, and the flame flared up.

Julian is an accomplished artist of music, visual arts and parkour/circus, while Reetta has years of experience in both event production and performing in music, theatre and aerial acrobatics.

A magical and mystical atmosphere, vigour and dance resonate in LiekinKieli’s performance. In addition to the showy movements, nuances are created by the playfulness and interaction between the couple.

The performance requires a flat area of about 5 x 6 metres (sand, short grass or asphalt). There must be no flammable material near the area.