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Cycling Route around River Vuoksi in Imatra

Pleasantly short bicycle trip also suitable for families

The starting point of the route, Imatrankoski – the town centre of Imatra, is a national landscape and Finland’s oldest tourist attraction, which has been visited and admired since the 1700s. In the 1920s the rapids bed was dammed to produce electricity, and thereafter water has only flown there during rapids performances. The rapids bed that splits the centre of Imatra is an impressive sight, even when it is dry.

Vuoksi is both a key element in the cityscape of Imatra and the outlet of Vuoksi’s water area to Laatokka, and from there to the Baltic Sea. Imatrankoski was created with enormous force approx. 5,700 years ago, leaving behind a multitude of rapids of which several are in the area of Imatra. Along the route there are several museums on the eastern shore of the river and many pleasant parks on the west coast where you should stop. There are also information boards on the route where information on Vuos history and nature is available.