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Desantti – drama tour

Unique war historical experience

You are a Russian spy. You and your group have an extremely important task.
The risk of failure is great and the punishment ruthless. Do you have the courage to take on the task?

Desantti is a unique war historical experience, based on events that have taken place in Rautjärvi during the Continuation War. Desantti is a drama tour where the participants are Russian spies, dropped off in the Finnish troops’ camp.

Desantti is based on true events. Each tour has actors that play the roles of Finnish soldiers and captains of the spies. The participants are spies trying to accomplish their mission in the Finnish troops’ camp. To accomplish their mission the spies must not get caught – and if caught, must do whatever it takes to survive.

Desantti drama tour includes a 45-minute workshop about the war history of Rautjärvi and the tour itself, coffee/tea with snacks, about 1h 30 min drama tour and a traditional pea soup lunch. The products responsible organiser is Rautjärvi Home region society (Rautjärven kotiseutuyhdistys ry).

● Venue: Starting point is Rautjärven pitäjäntupa (address: Miettiläntie 1763, 56610 Rautjärvi).
● Participants: 2 - 12 persons (larger numbers of participants must be arranged separately).
● Tour is suitable for over 18-year-olds or under 18-year-olds with permission from a guardian.
● Booking: Please contact us via email.

Desantti – drama tour
Miettiläntie 1763