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Discover Saimaa

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Embark on an adventure

Discover Saimaa organises excursions and events and offers services. We organise nature adventure trips, bike trips, canoe trips, cultural cycling, etc. In the autumn we also organise mushroom and berry trips and in the winter we can be found in the snow. Our “office” is in nature by Lake Saimaa. Nature is Finland's largest outdoor place, open to all of us all year round. Nature produces strength and energy, as a result of which we bring well-being and open-mindedness to our own lives. In nature tourism, we implement a responsible and sustainable tourism service. We operate in an environmentally responsible manner and are aware of the effects of our own operations on the environment. We strive to manage the environmental impact and pass on awareness to others.

Winter on the shores of Lake Saimaa

Experience the magic of winter on our energetic full-moon excursions, where the snow cover sparkles like thousands of diamonds. Full moon excursions offer an unforgettable experience as we ski through snow-covered forests and lakes, accompanied by the enchanting light. Read more

If you're looking to learn new skills in winter sports, join our cross-country skiing courses. We offer both traditional and freestyle courses, so you can choose the right way to move through the snowy landscape. A traditional style course will teach you the secrets of traditional skiing style, while a freestyle course allows you to unleash your creativity and try out different moves and techniques.