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Fishing & Trips Imatra

Fishing in ImatraFishing guide services on the Vuoksi and Saimaa.Fishing & TripsFishing guide services on the Vuoksi and Saimaa.Fishing & Trips

Fishing guide services on the Vuoksi River and Lake Saimaa.

Fishing & Trips Imatra is a company whose services include fishing guide trips to Vuoksi and day trips to Lake Saimaa.

We have a self-made wooden rowing boat on the river, which can take two fishermen in addition to the guide. The fishing targets in Vuoksi are trout, perch and pike perch. The methods used for trout are mainly rowing in the strong flow of the Vuoksi River and using home-made rods. Trout fishing is mainly in spring and autumn when the water is cold, while in summer, when the water is warm, the focus is more on perch and pike. There are many fishing sites on the Vuoksi River, which can be visited on a shorter trip of around 2-3 hours. A full-day fishing trip is also possible, it allows you to visit several locations and enjoy the restaurants along the Vuoksi in between.

The 8-metre fishing boat Oiva is operated on Lake Saimaa and can take up to five persons in addition to the guide. The main fishing targets on Lake Saimaa are perch and pike perch, but in late autumn trout may also be possible. Fishing trips to Lake Saimaa are mainly all-day trips, due to the large area of the lake and its fishing areas. On board it is possible to make meals, so you won't get hungry during a long day.

Fishing & Trips Imatra