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Four Island Cycling Route from Imatra

Perfect choice for a one or two-day-long bicycle trip

In addition to archipelago views, the route lets you further discover the city of Imatra and the beautiful church hill of Ruokolahti. 

If Imatrankoski (Saimaa Geopark site) is not otherwise a destination in your travel plans, it is worth combining with this route, and at the same time, you can admire the landscapes of Vuoksi - first from the western coast and then from the eastern side when cycling back - this increases the distance of the trip by seven kilometres. The amazing Vuoksi is a key element in the cityscape of Imatra and the outlet of Vuoksi’s water area to Laatokka. Vuoksi was created with enormous force approx. 5,700 years ago, leaving behind a multitude of rapids on its way to Laatokka. 

There are several Saimaa Geopark sites on the route. Saimaa is the biggest lake in Finland and the forth biggest in Europe. On the route you cross over waters on bridges, by ferry and boat, which you must remember to book a day before at latest.