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Hakamäki House Museum

Experience country milieu in Hakamäki

The museum area is located on the green hill of Hakamäki, some 5 minutes walk from the town centre. Located on the hill and erected in 2008, a 14-meter-high lookout tower has beautiful views that open out over Lake Kuolimo.

The museum area forms a country milieu. In addition to the main building, the yard area has outbuildings, a windmill, a smoke sauna, a drying barn and a normal barn. One of the most interesting buildings in the yard complex is the croft of a file soldier. The hut represents a typical South Karelian farmhouse. The chamber of the hut features Savitaipale textiles. The museum windmill is of the so-called foot mill type. The smoke sauna displays, in addition to the traditional sauna, also artefacts used when treatingax, including e.g. a flax trap.

Hakamäki house museum has a small sales point, where one can buy as a gift, say, a Europaeus inspired piece of jewellery, or publications. Hakamäki house museum and the museum area are owned by Savitaipale Home District Association.

The yard is a very popular location for Savitaipale festivities. Especially at Midsummer, people meet to watch a handsome bonfire. During the summer, Hakamäki is also the site for the arrangements of concerts, shows and other events. Every year, ”Sapassi” week and Hakamäki picnic bring interesting guests from different fields to perform in the museum area.

Hakamäki House Museum
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