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Hiisi of Imatra

Born in Lake Saimaa and dived into the River Vuoksi

I was born in Lake Saimaa and dived into the River Vuoksi a long time ago, long before the current chronological era. My home is located in Imatra, alongside a mighty torrent, close to the wonderful Imatran Valtionhotelli. My cat Kipinätär looks out from the roof of the hotel - if you’re observant, you may even spot him there.

Our handsome rapids have attracted people for centuries. They have been admired by such individuals as Catherine the Great, as well as the Brazilian Emperor Pedro. Their names, as well as other famous visitors, have been immortalized in stone in our
Kruununpuisto (Crown Park).

During the summer, I also like to listen to music, in addition to the thunder of the rapids. The music is primarily provided in
Imatra during the Big Band week and we also have a particularly special concert court.

You can go drifting down the river Vuoksi in summer and winter and it is worthwhile visiting the Magic Forest of Imatra Spa Hotel. Only the wildest thrill-seekers will be willing to brave a death slide over my home rapids. The treasures of the Art Museum, a theater, the tasty menu of Restaurant Buttenhoff and the enormous Lake Saimaa, all of these can be found in Imatra, as well as myself.