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Hotel Hirsiranta

Hotel HirsirantaAccommodation by Lake Saimaa in RuokolahtiVacation at Lake Saimaa region, in Lappeenranta and ImatraVacation at Lake Saimaa region, in Lappeenranta and ImatraHotel Hirsiranta in Ruokolahti, at Lake SaimaaVacation at Lake Saimaa, in Lappeenranta and Imatra regionHirsiranta Hotel at Lake Saimaa, in RuokolahtiHotel Hirsiranta in RuokolahtiAccommodation in Ruokolahti, Hotel HirsirantaHoten Hirsiranta by Lake Saimaa in Ruokolahti

Enjoy a relaxing stay at Hotel Hirsiranta on the scenic shores of Lake Saimaa

Hotel Hirsiranta is an entrepreneur-run company founded in 2019 on the shores of Lake Saimaa, in Ruokolahti. Our services include accommodation, restaurant and summer terrace.

Hirsiranta has many different room types. Each room contains beds, own shower, WC, and TV. The price of the hotel room also includes, of course, a rich and tasty breakfast.

Beach granary on the shore of Saimaa for two people

A beach granary located right on the shore of Saimaa. There are two separate beds and a refrigerator in the beach granary. WC and washing facilities can be found in the main building of Hirsiranta. For an additional fee, you can buy bedclothes to the beach granary or alternatively bring your own. This accommodation type is a great choice for travelers on a small budget.

A cottage for a larger group or a party place for small parties

Located on the shores of Lake Saimaa, the beach cottage offers a great setting for a larger group of cottage life. The cottage has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a toilet, and a shower, as well as a large glass veranda with a fireplace. The beach cottage has two granary buildings and can accommodate a total of 13 people. The newly renovated sauna is in a separate building. The beach cottage is also suitable for organizing small parties.

The perfect setting for sauna evenings

The Hirsiranta sauna offers wonderful baths for up to 20 people at once. Saimaa is right next to it, and you can take a dip there directly from the pier. The sauna heater is a one-time heater and requires 5-7 hours of heating depending on the weather. Otherwise, you can spend the evening at a beach cottage with a wonderful glass veranda. There is a large, solid wooden table for 20 people and there is also a pool table in the space. Weddings of up to 40 people have been danced on the glass veranda and there is a wonderful view of Saimaa! Read more

Caravan ja camping

A warm welcome to Hirsiranta for a relaxing break on the shores of Lake Saimaa in Ruokolahti. Whether you arrived with a mobile home, a trailer, or a tent, we will be happy to welcome you in Hirsiranta's summer season on 1.6. -30.9. We also recommend browsing our website so that you can familiarize yourself with our delicious food selection and Hirsiranta's activities.

Welcome to spend your party in Hirsiranta

Hirsiranta has a long tradition of organizing parties. Over the years many kinds of parties have been celebrated on the beach of the beautiful Saimaa, such as birthdays, weddings, sauna evenings, graduation parties and slightly more official meetings. We manage everything from small coffee parties to weddings of up to 140 people. 50 people can be accommodated during the summer. At weddings, the entire hotel is often reserved for private use, including the beach hut and sauna. In the newly heated 20-person beach sauna, it's great to wash away the dust of the party day.

Hotel Hirsiranta

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