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Huopaisenvirta outdoor trail and lean-to

Picturesque excursion destination with a lean-to

The Huopaisenvirta outdoor trail starts right at the corner of the town hall from Taavetti. The starting point of the route can be found in the parking lot of Luumäki town hall. The route takes you 8 km to Huopaisenvirta, where there is a bridge over the stream and a picturesque excursion destination with a lean-to.

On the route you can first visit the Taavetti fortress. Along the way, there is an armored trench that was part of the equipment of the Salpa Line main line of defense and a peaceful, unspoilt part of the forest. The route runs along forest paths and roads. The route is quite easy and well-marked. From Huopaisenvirta, you can continue to the Kätökangas hunting lodge which is about a kilometre away.

Huopaisenvirta outdoor trail and lean-to