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Imatra Architecture and Attraction Cycling Tour

Imatra's nationally significant built-in cultural environment

There are many interesting places in the city of Imatra for those interested in architectural and building history. The Hotel Valtionhotelli is the most famous and even voted for the most beautiful building in Finland, a national-romantic building. The most famous building worldwide is the Church ot Three Crosses, designed by Alvar Aalto.

Historically interesting are the mansions of Imatra, built by both Finnish protagonists and the Russian nobility. The industrial history of the city is represented by not only industrial production buildings, such as power plants, but also by uniform residential areas for industrial workers, which can be seen in different parts of the city.

Contemporary architecture is represented by the public buildings of the city, the City Hall, the Cultural Centre Virta on the bank of the river Vuoksi. There are also many other buildings and constructions you can see on this route around the city.