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Imatra First snow ski track

Ski on real snow from 15 October onwards!

Imatra first snow ski track is made from snow produced and stored in the previous winter. The track is located at Ukonniemi-stadium and it utilizes roller ski tracks and nearby areas. For ski season 2021-2022 we have stored more snow than ever before, around 75 000 cubic meters! The first snow ski track offers both easier sections for recreational skiers and more challenging parts for professional skiers.

For ski season 2021-2022 the tracks will be opened in three different stages. In the first stage, the track opens on 15 October, approximately a 1.5 km loop around the Ukonniemi-stadium area. 1st of November, the trail will be extended to at least 2.8 km. Our service promise is to keep this length well maintained in all weather conditions until the end of 2021. The first snow trail will be extended to its full 5 km length as soon as the overall weather situation allows it.

You can use the first snow ski track and its services only by purchasing a ski pass from the online shop or from several points of sale in the Ukonniemi area. The validity of ski passes is controlled by random control checks. If required, you have to be able to present your valid ski pass from your mobile phone or printed paper.


Imatra first snow ski track
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