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Imatra Town museum

Exhibitions presenting the various phases of the Imatra region

The Imatra City Museum was founded in 1981. The museum is located on the 2nd floor of the House of Culture, next to the children's section of the library. The Imatra City Museum also includes the Industrial Workers' Housing Museum, which is open during the summer, located in Ritikanranta, Tainionkoski (address Taimenkuja 7, Imatra).

The museum's exhibitions present the history of the Imatra region and the Jääskie parish, including the industrialisation of the area and its impact. Imatra's tourism history, influenced by its location on the border of the state and along the Vuoksi river, will also be presented.

The museum's collection of photographs is particularly noteworthy. The oldest glass negatives date from the late 19th century. There are about 285 000 photographs in total. The City Museum's photo archive and information service serves all those who need images and information on Imatra's history.

The museum is free of charge, welcome!

Imatra Town Museum
Virastokatu 1