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Iron Curtain Trail from Imatra to Parikkala

Part of a Europe-wide bicycle route

The Finnish section of this EuroVelo 13 route follows Finland’s eastern border as close to Russia as possible all the way to the northern city of Näätämö. The route gains interest due to its quiet roads that are in good condition, as well as Finland’s amazing forest views. In Southern Karelia, you can cycle the route from Lappeenranta to Parikkala, where you can return to Imatra via the nation’s old border regions. It is an excellent option for a 2-3-day bicycle trip. It is easy to return from Parikkala as well, in which case the distance of the route will be approx. 80 km. In this suggestion, the route begins in Imatra. There are accommodation services in the centre of Imatra as well as at the shore of Saimaa, in the tourism area of Rauha and Ukonniemi.