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Joutseno Church

Church inaugurated in 1921

The Church was designed by Architect Josef Stenbäck. It was inaugurated in 1921. The church was initially dedicated to St. John and its verse is “God is Love”. This phrase is engraved in the memorial plaque of the earlier churches. The motif of the mosaic altarpiece is “Jesus receives sinners” and it is the work of Bruno Tuukkanen.

The current Joutseno Church is the third parish church. The first church was built around 1640. It was an unpainted church for a parish of 350 people. The first church was finally demolished in 1758, due to its poor condition. A new church had already been completed next to the old one. The second church of the parish was destroyed in a fire on 25 April 1918, in the turmoil of the Finnish Civil War.

Joutseno Church
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