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Landing points in Saimaa

Plenty of cosy landing places

Along the Lappeenranta and Imatra region's kayaking routes you will find plenty of cosy landing places for a nice rest or a longer stay.

  • Ruuhonsaaret: visitor berths, an opportunity to go to a sauna and barbecue.

  • Rastiniemi: a campfire site and beach.

  • Ilkonsaari: two natural harbours – a rocky shore in the south and a sandy bay in the middle.

  • Satamosaari: a sauna and barbecue.

  • Ruohosaari: a lean-to shelter, campfire site and small beach.

  • Karhusaari: a lean-to shelter and campfire site.

  • Muukonsaari: barbecue shelters, nature trail and buildings for rent.

  • Hietasaari: barbecue shelter and sauna.

  • Päihäniemi: barbecue and a lookout point.