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Local Food Tasting Cycling Route from Lappeenranta

Local delicates and Salpa Line’s war historical sites

The route begins at the centre of Lappeenranta, where the roots of nearby Rakuunamäki date back by over one hundred years. It was built as the garrison of the Finnish dragoon in 1889. Even older than Rakuunamäki is Lappeenranta Fortress – a part of the fortress chain built by the Russians at the end of the 1700s to protect St. Petersburg. The fortress’s museums, restaurants, cafes, events and boutiques entice visitors.

Fast food from Lappeenranta, vety and atomi meat pies, is available at market squares and harbour markets, and at the latter, you can also buy delicious treats from the Martha waffle stand. The sellers will be happy to tell you about the differences between vety and atomi meat pies.