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Nuijamies - cultural venue in Lappeenranta

Event venue for many different kinds of events

Nuijamies is an event venue for concerts, stand-up, theatre, art, gigs from jazz to rock, talks, movies, clubs, dance, and minifestivals. We are located in the city centre in an old movie theatre built in the 1950s, and the place is run by our registered association.

The cozy café-bar in the lounge is open from Wednesday to Saturday and during events.
The lounge is approx. 80m² in size and has room for 83 people. It is suitable for small events and acoustic gigs. Organizing an event in the lounge is free of charge if the event is open for everyone.

The size of the tiered hall is approx. 370m² and it has room for 354 people, with theatre seats for 147-250 people. The stage is approx. 100m² large, and in the front there is a raised platform which can be arranged to be up to 36m² in size.

The hall has the equipment and a PA system for music gigs and film screenings. The size of the movie screen is 50m². Please contact us for more information on our equipment.

Are you interested in renting Nuijamies for your event? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Nuijamies - cultural venue in Lappeenranta
Valtakatu 39