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Personalised adventure trips on Lake Saimaa

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Sustainable and customized adventure cruise at Lake Saimaa Finland. From 1650 €

We help you plan your unique trip to peaceful Lake Saimaa surroundings. You will have a chance to encounter the endangered Saimaa ringed seal. Sustainable adventure cruises on your terms at Lake Saimaa in Finland.

With us, tourists can enjoy pristine waters at Lake Saimaa by kayaking, SUP, fishing, and enjoying a sauna experience. We at Open Shores Saimaa have various ways of functioning sustainably. Our boat’s Valmet engine runs on renewable HVO diesel from a Finnish provider St1.

Additionally, our heating system Wallas Spartan Air, and water heater Wallas 40EA are optimized for renewable diesel. By utilizing renewable HVO, our carbon footprint can be up to 90% smaller when compared to fossil diesel.


Our boat Polaris 1 is an old Finnish navy vessel and most suitable for the purpose. 18 meters long and 4,2 wide, it houses comfortably 4 to 8 people in its 4 separate cabins. It also has a sauna, shower, and one toilet (the second toilet will be built in the spring of 2024).

It is equipped for the maximum comfort of our guests in the cleanest possible way. Its Valmet 612 diesel engine runs with renewable HVO diesel from St1 and with a solar system, you can charge all your electrical devices. Onboard we always have 4 kayaks, 4 SUP boards, and all kinds of fishing gear.


As mentioned earlier, our boat has a sauna, shower, and toilet (the second toilet will be built in the spring of 2024). The kitchen is fully equipped with a dishwasher, fridge, oven, stove, and all necessary small appliances, as well as cutlery. Polaris 1 offers sleeping quarters for eight people in comfortable bunk beds arranged in four separate 2-person cabins.


The Lake Saimaa region has been awarded the prestigious, international European Region of Gastronomy title, which highlights the quality of our local food. We are working with a local catering company to have local specialties onboard.

Open Shores Saimaa
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