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Pinja Sointu

Welcome to a sound journey to PirunkirkkoSecrets of Lake SaimaaSecrets of Lake Saimaa

Welcome to a sound journey to Pirunkirkko

You will be enchanted by the cave, hear the ancient hum of the drum amplified by the cave walls, relax to the sound of the singing bowls, and hear the beautiful call of the kantele and the song. A sound journey in a cave is a unique experience where all the elements of nature are present. Here you can surrender to being and throw yourself into the nurturing arms of nature.

The world was born of sound. It thundered over the ice age, shaped our rocks, smoothed their surfaces and carved caves for our shelter. That is when the spacious, vault-like Pirunkirkko was also formed in Rautjärvi’s Torsansalo. It is one of the most beautiful caves in Finland. It has a long history as a protector of the local population, and even a famous healer has worked there. You will hear more about the colourful history of the cave during the sound journey.

The sound journey

The sound journey starts when you reach the cave. You proceed in silence along the forest path to the cave, and open your senses to the beauty of nature and the rugged landscape of the rock. You let the scents and the colours of the forest conquer you, as your body gently descends into the rhythm of nature.

In the cave, you can wrap yourself in the protection of a soft blanket and let your eyes take in the solid bedrock of the cave, the beautiful red patterns of the vaulted ceiling, and the hypnotic trunks of the cave’s trees.

A drum and ancient chants begin a powerful sound journey, leading you to your ancient wisdom. The rhythm of the drum pulsates with life. It opens your imagination, and guides and roots you on your journey to yourself. The singing bowls caress your body and mind with their sweet, soft chords that spread to every corner of the cave, creating a harmonious world of sounds around you. You get to surrender to a state of complete relaxation. The bright echoes of the kantele guide you to the core of Finnishness, the time of the wise men, for which the Pirunkirkko cave is famous.

The sound journey opens your creativity and returns you to your own nature, strengthening your connection with nature!

I, Pinja Sointu, will guide you on this magical journey. I call myself a forest musician because my passion is to make sound journeys in beautiful natural places. I work as a multi-talent in the field of culture and well-being: yoga teacher, nature connection instructor, music and sound. The well-being of the body and mind is important to me, and I want to strengthen their connection in my clients using sound journeys. Nature, and a deep connection with nature, is an important part of us and one of the basic pillars of our mental well-being.

From me, you can order a sound journey in Pirunkirkko, a gentle yoga moment outside or inside, a singing bowl/drum relaxation, a nature connection experience, or even a whole wellness day as a part of your trip in the South Karelia region.