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RETUPERÄ RELOAD – always more wow

RETUPERÄ RELOAD – always more wowRETUPERÄ RELOAD – always more wow

The versatile health effects of the forest are talked about a lot, so would now be the time for you to experience them personally?

Or would you like to laugh with tears in your eyes and feel the rush of feel-good hormones? With my guidance, you can safely enjoy the magical power of South Karelian nature, recharge your batteries with well-being, and lower your stress levels. My company, Retuperä Reload, offers nature tours, laughter yoga and event production.

I offer nature tours to groups of different sizes. The nature of South Karelia offers versatile opportunities for taking a break, calming down, and getting away from the hustle and bustle. In addition to a lake landscape, you can choose from different forest environments, marshes, rocky landscapes and even caves. With the professional skills of a nature guide and good local knowledge, I am able to take you to the best destinations. I will tell you about nature, plants and animals, as well as all kinds of stories. I will guide you in getting to know the environment with all your senses so that you will remember the experience even years later. Through various exercises, you will become aware of the surrounding forest and your own presence. Nature tour services are tailored according to your needs.

Laughter yoga

Laughter yoga is a funny concept where one consciously decides to start laughing through various guided exercises. With the support of the group and your own dedication, the consciously started laughter turns into genuine, heartfelt joy that soothes and cares holistically. 

In addition to nature tours and laughter yoga, I organise various events with my partners. How about retreats that increase your resources and offer time for yourself? Or would you like to try something silly, such as champagne floating? Or would you like to get a taste of nature camping with a glamping-style full-service natureBnB experience?

In my work, the customer is always at the centre of everything. I guarantee that you will be satisfied with the service you receive and feel that you have been met as a person, as an individual. Safety is an important factor for me on tours. I take safety into account holistically and foresee possible risks in advance. In my company, I operate responsibly and in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

The goal of all the services I offer is to increase the overall well-being of the customers, accumulate resources, and provide a moment to disconnect from everyday life. You are welcome to be served with a package tailored just for you!