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Ruokolahti Canoe Route

Unique route with small lakes, river sections, historical canals and open waters

The entire route is 110 km long, but you can choose any section of it. It is recommended that you start from Lake Savonkaita and, in this case, the end point is in the centre of Ruokolahti. You can also do a shorter route and end your canoe trip at Mustaniemi, for instance. In this case, you must organise transportation. Canoes must be carried in order to bypass the Kemppilän Myllykoski Rapids, as well as at Lieviskä.

The canoe route contains lake and river sections and boasts giant’s kettles, rock paintings and three canals built by Alexander Suvorov: Kukonharju, Käyhkää and Kutvele. Shortly after Kutvele Canal, you will see the splendid Huuhanranta Beach. From the route, you can diverge to the Katosselkä Nature Reserve, where Saimaa ringed seals have been sighted.