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Rutola Village Trail

Salpa Line in LappeenrantaSalpa Line in FinlandSalpa Line in Lappeenranta

The Rutola village path introduces the visitor to the history of the village of Rutola and the largest construction site of the last wars, Salpa Line

The village trail is 3.5 km long and starts at the firewall of Rutola Voluntary Fire Brigade storage. There is a main guide on the wall of the building, where you will find a route map, an old map of Rutola and a guest book. The trail runs along idyllic village roads and also differs from beautiful lakeside landscapes. The terrain is marked with blue poles. There are six signposts along the path that tell you about the history of the area. History of sawmill and Salpa Line are impressive and worth exploring. There are also tables showing plant, animal and fungal species along the trail. Teaching boards combined with species found in the terrain also make Rutola village poles a good hiking and learning destination. Along the trail, there are two Salpa Line bunkers to explore. A good footwear and a flashlight are required if you want to get a peek inside the bunkers. In addition to the bunkers, there is also a resting place built for Salpa Line's spirit for the tourists.

NOTE! Camping by the dugouts is forbidden!

Rutola Village Trail
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