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Salpa Line in Hostikka

Salpa Line - Monument to Finnish IndependenceSalpa Line in LappeenrantaSalpa Line in LappeenrantaSalpa Line in FinlandPlace to visit in Lappeenranta

Salpa Line is a monument to independence that can be visited in the southern part of Lappeenranta in the Hostika area.

The network of defensive fortifications offers numerous places to visit, one of the most spectacular of which is in the Hostika village area of Lappeenranta. At Hostikka you can take a peek at five restored forts and two caves, which are part of the Salpalinjaa. The Hostikan sites are accessible by car and have signposts explaining the construction work.
The 50 km Salpa Trail, which is accessible on foot and by bicycle, runs south from Hostika. Bring a torch, as there is no lighting in the forts.

On the Hostika Salpalinja route, you follow the local dirt roads, stopping occasionally at the Salpalinja's caves and casemates, and also visit the POW memorials and the Blenheim memorial. At the southern end of the route are the POW memorials, and as you head north, there are bunkers along the way. The main destination on the route is Hostika Cave and its adjacent machine gun barracks. From the main site, the route continues towards Kirpu cave, with the B132 casemate along the way. After Kirpu Cave, you may wish to visit the crash site of the Blenheim BL-133 aircraft.

The route can be followed on foot or by bicycle. You can also travel by car, the actual parking place on the route is at the main Hostika site (Hostikantie 35, Lappeenranta).

Salpa Line in Hostikka
Hostikantie 35