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Floating Sauna cruising along the Vuoksi river in Imatra

If you dream of experiencing Finnish culture or understanding what happiness is all about, start with a sauna. In Imtara, floating sauna cruises let you get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Sauna Ferry-Imatra offers you and your friends a unique setting for relaxation in the midst of beautiful Vuoksi River in Imatra town. Sauna cruises are organised on request all year round. On full-service sauna cruises you can concentrate on relaxing yourself, while our staff takes care of everything else. The ferry has a studio-level Genelec sound system. Our fridge will keep your drinks cold even in the summer heat. The ferry has two water toilets. There is no on-board bar, so you can bring your own drinks. Our 15m2 sauna can accommodate a larger group at a time and you can admire the beautiful scenery from the windows. Misa's large wood-burning stove guarantees a great sauna. The home port of the floating sauna is in the winter, in Vuoksi Fishing Park, Varpasaari and in the summer in front of the restaurant Sula (Puomikuja 4, Imatra)

Dry-suite floating on the River Vuoksi in Imatra takes gives you oportunity to enjoy the relaxing embrace of flowing water. The floating activities are carried out at all seasons of the year, no matter what the weather. Read more

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