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Skydive Karjala

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Skydiving is an unforgettable experience.

Free-falling and gliding under a shadow, you are surrounded not by the walls of an aircraft and the hum of an engine in your ears, but by an unforgettable beauty and silence. When your feet touch the ground again, your gaze begins to look back to the sky.

Imatra Airport in Immola is a peaceful airport with all modern conveniences. The atmosphere at Skydive Karjala Club is immediate and occasional visitors and new and old enthusiasts are warmly welcomed. In addition to skydiving and tandem skydiving, you can take a skydiving course with us, which will prepare you for independent skydiving. Whether you are looking for an experience or a new way of life, Skydive Karjala makes it possible for you.

Find out more about the club and buy your jumps online.

Skydive Karjala
Immola´s airport
Linkokivenkatu 111
55910 Imatra