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Traces of the Ice Age – stone age man

View the prehistoric dwelling of Rovastinoja turf hut

The Traces of the Ice Age – Stone Age Man route meanders in Savitaipale along the southern shore of Lake Kuolimo. Part of the trail network is suitable for hiking and some for mountain biking. Along the route, one can view the prehistoric dwelling of Rovastinoja, a turf hut built according to the historic model dating back to the Stone Age settlement around Lake Kuolimo around 3000–1600 BC. Another interesting site worth visiting along the trail is the Lepänkanto recreation area, located on the shore of Lake Kuolimo. Lepänkanto has a wonderful sandy beach (approx. 700 m), which deepens very gently. Signs from highway 13, from which the distance is approximately two kilometers.

Services: dry toilet, disabled facilities, camp fire site, parking area, swimming shore, sightseeing location.

Getting there:

Olkkolantie 2 near Olkkolan Hovi hotel or Myllylammentie 300, Savitaipale

Traces of the Ice Age – stone man
Olkkolantie 2