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Wake Park Imatra

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Wake Park Imatra offers the opportunity to practice cable wakeboarding, a water sport that has gained worldwide popularity

Wakeboarding is a highly entertaining water sport for enthusiasts of all ages, as well as spectators.

Wake Park Imatra offers the opportunity to practise cable wakeboarding, a water sport that has gained worldwide popularity. Powered by an electric motor, the board rider glides along the surface of the water. The sport is also practised in the same way as traditional water skiing, by boarding a boat. However, cable races have made the sport more accessible to all.

You can book a wakeboarding lesson on our booking calendar. There are 4 places available per lesson, so the boarding time is 15-60min/person depending on the number of places booked.

Wake Park Imatra is a water sports company established in 2019. Our more than 200m long track is located in the Vuoksi Fishing Park, Varpasaari.

Our course is located between the swimming pool and the park area. There are restaurants, saunas, a campsite, a bowling alley, a sports hall, a swimming pool and outdoor sports areas.

We are a full-service water sports centre. Our cable car gives you easy access to the world of wakeboarding, wakeskating or water skiing. Our always waveless spot, offers a great environment to practice tricks even for pro boarders.

You can hire all the equipment for the track from us.

Wake Park Imatra
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