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Wetland and Limestone Cycling Tour

Excellent option for cyclists going on a half-day trip

From the city centre of Lappeenranta is just a small distance to the natural environment. South of Lappeenranta is an  limestone area, exceptional in South Karelia, which is mined for industrial needs. On the route you can amaze at the Nordkalk quarry, where Nordkalk has, in addition to the mine, a milling plant. The Lappeenranta mine is the only mining site in Europe to extract rare wollastonite minerals.

1/3 of Finland's surface area is bog / swamp. In South Karelia the area the percentage of bog is lower, so the protected Hämmäauteensuo (bog), which is on the route is so interesting destination. You can walk on duckboards across the bog to the lean shelter, rest there and have picnic you carried. However, it is not wise to try a cycle on the duckboards, better leave the bike at the road and lock it carefully.