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Zorbing – Tuplakasi-Action

Fun for all age groups

Water zorbing

Have you ever wanted to walk on water? Zorbing, which originates from New Zealand, is fun for all age groups and, above all, it is a safe sport. We provide a Zorb ball with a diameter of 2.2 metres which has a watertight zip. All you need to do is step into the ball and our instructors will fill the ball with air and water-walking can begin.

Zorb human ball

The Zorb human ball offers fun and entertainment on flat ground and on slopes! The Zorb human ball we offer is a transparent ball with a diameter of three metres, and two people can fit on board at once. You can use the Zorb ball to roll down a grass slope or slide down a snowy slope in the winter. The ball can also be used on flat ground if you do not want the speed to increase too much.

Zorb football

Do you think regular football is a boring and too slow game with not enough tackling? One of the products of Tuplakasi-Action is the insane Zorb Football bubbles, which bring the game to life without dangerous situations. Football team players are dressed in bubbles. This is done by diving inside the bubble, wearing a harness. Finally, grab the handles and start a slightly different football game. In this game, the ball is not incubated, but you can tackle your opponent aside and take possession of the ball.

Zorbing – Tuplakasi-Action
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