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Imatra Aviation Club

Imatra Aviation ClubImatra Aviation ClubImatra Aviation Club

Imatra Aviation Club (Imatra Ilmailukerho) is one of the oldest operating aviation clubs in Finland. 

We operate on the eastern border at the classical Immola airport, which offers excellent opportunities and plenty of free airspace for all kinds of aviation.  The various sections of the club cover almost the entire recreational aviation sector.

In addition to motor and glider flying, the club also offers the possibility of flying hang gliders. Skydiving is offered by Skydive Karjala ry in our neighbourhood.

Gliding is easily explored with a demonstration flight in a 2-seater training plane - even a winch ride of half a kilometre in a minute is a great experience - not to mention the national landscape from Saimaa to Ladoga!

You can take a tour of Imatra's nearby landscapes or even take a bird's eye view of your own summer place.  Longer cost-share* private flights are also possible by special agreement.

Feel free to contact us and experience the thrill of aviation!

*Cost-share flight is a non-commercial cost-sharing private flight, where you agree to share the costs of the flight with an experienced pilot. The flight does not comply with the safety and insurance requirements of commercial air transport.

Imatran Ilmailukerho ry
Linkokivenkatu 131
55910 Imatra